Monthly Archives: December 2017


This is the show that you all have been waiting for.  We are joined by Scott Faglier to take a look back at the sports year of 2017 and look ahead at 2018.

We’re talking about:  The Patriots comeback in the Super Bowl, UNC’s National Championship win, The Warriors beating the Cavs 4-1, The Astros winning game 7 of the World Series, and of course the Floyd Mayweather v. Conner McGregor fight.

Also, we each have 5 Take It To The Bank predictions for 2018.  You will not want to miss Cowboy Scott’s predictions for 2018.

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Episode 59 is dedicated to the great LB from the Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly.

This week we have a look back at week 14 in the NFL.  I think we have more questions than answers.

How will the Eagles react to loosing Wentz for the season?

Will the Browns ever get in the win column?

Who will win the NFC South?  Panthers?  Saints?  Falcons?

Are the Patriots and Steelers on a collision course?  All this and more!

Also, we have a look at the early NBA season.  The Rockets and Warriors are looking good in the West and the Cavs are starting to put things together in the East.

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