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This maybe our biggest show to date.  Take’n Over with Jern and Jam is officially 1 year old.  We want to take a minute and thank everyone that has downloaded, liked, and shared our show.  You guys mean the world to us and we look forward to year number 2.

This week we are joined by 2 special guest.  First up we have the APP State Mountaineer Kaila Craven joining us to talk about the upcoming basketball season.  She also makes a pick in the Mayweather Mcgregor fight.

Then we are joined by Jam’s boy Brian Nance to talk a little AFC South action.  Can the Texans win another divisional title?  How will the Colts fair without Andrew Luck?  Are the Tennessee Titans ready to take the next step?  How many wins do we see for the Jaguars?

All this and more on our 1 year anniversary show.

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This week on Take’n Over with Jern and Jam we have the top 4 sports stories.

  1. We’re talking WWE SummerSlam.  We run through the matches of WWE’s biggest party of the Summer and pick the winners and losers.
  2. Usain Bolt had his last race with a disappointing finish.  Does this put a damper on his career or just a bad race?  Is he one of the greatest athletes of all time?  Hear our takes on these questions and much more on Bolt’s career.
  3. We have your Ezekiel Elliot fall out.  How does his suspension impact the Cowboys season?
  4. We are previewing the NFC East.  Are the Giants the best team in the NFC?  Can the Skins get back in the playoffs?  Are the Eagles for real or just all talk?  And how can the Cowboys handle being without Zeke for a few games?

You will not want to miss this episode as we discuss these topics and much more including our elementary school 100 yard dash.

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Episode 45 of Take’n Over with Jern and Jam is dedicated to the short baseball career of Michael Jordan.

This week we are talking about Neymar Jr. getting PAID!!  Is any athlete worth $613 million dollars?  Find out what Jern would buy if he had Neymar money.  Also, we discuss why Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a NFL job.  Is it because of his skill or his protest?  Find out if Jam would give Kaepernick a chance if he owned a team.

We continue out tour around the NFL with our division by division preview.  This week we are looking at the AFC East.  When talking about the AFC East all you need to know is Tom Brady.  Can the Jets win more than 2 games?  Is Jay Cutler the answer for Miami to make it to the playoffs in back to back seasons?  Find out the answer to all these questions and more.

Finally, we are talking the 1992 Dream Team.  This year is the 25th anniversary of the greatest basketball team to ever step on a court.  Find out our thoughts on the team, their performance, and could the 2012 Olympic Team give the ’92 team a game?  Our answer may surprise some of you.

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